Auger Germany

I am AUGER – designer and supplier of quality spare parts for heavy-duty commercial vehicles. High quality, extensive services, speed, reliability and constant innovation are my core values. I am proud to say I operate in the independent aftermarket since 2003. In fact, the I AM in my logo is an acronym that corresponds to Independent Aftermarket and reminds me of the standards I live up to. It symbolizes my innovative perspective that reflects in everything I do, starting with continuous improvement of products with OEM quality and exceptional service to my customers. I make use of 11 factories with 3.300 pieces of state-of-the-art machinery within a 100.000 m2 factory campus, which also has a world-class R&D Center. The most comprehensive facility in the aftermarket. You can find the 35.000 references I offer in over 60 countries. To facilitate the speedy delivery my customers need, I’m present in Germany, Russia, and Romania, where I have warehouses that cover a total of 12.000 m2. You might wonder how all this is possible. Thanks to my well-qualified team of engineers, researchers, and material experts, we are able to design and test our parts to guaranty excellent performance in each ride.