REVOL is registered trade mark of OZTEKNIK A.S. for Heavy Duty Commercial vehicle's clutches, which fits to European and Russian type vehicles. REVOL products range will be Clutch Cover Assembly, Clutch Discs, Release Bearings and Clutch Kits. Clutch discs has 900Nm-3500Nm maximum torque capacity, with rigid hub or with pre damper hub, with Organic Friction Material, which has good juddering behavior and life performance. Clutch Cover Assemblies are for SAE1-SAE2 -SAE3 Clutch bell housings suitable for engines between 600Nm to 2800Nm engine torques, pull or push actions. Release Bearings, suitable for different pedal loads for pull and push action clutches. One of the strength point of REVOL clutch is to design tools and dies in 3D CAD programs and to produce by CAM in Machining Centers in house. Cutting, forming, deep drawing, forging tools, cast iron dies, assembly dies, fixtures and apparatus produce in house. OZTEKNIK has integrated and self sufficient production facility to produce major components in house such as; Steel Pressed Housing, Diaphragm Springs, Pressure plates, Torsion Damper Plates, Main Plates, Hubs, Bearing carrier etc. by forging, pressing, CNC machining, Heat treatment, Surface treatment.Assembly lines equipped with the performance test machines like Clutch cover Performance test machine, Clutch disc free movement and cushion deflection test machine, Disc Torque test machine and Balancing machine. All assembled products are final and performance controlled 100% before packing. Revol is not only offering to our business partners the best quality products with best quality raw materials including OE quality friction material at competitive price level with excellent customer sales service. We also offer durability, reliability and of course profitability.